the wayward shiftys will see you now

So hey, I have forgotten how to have words for the viewing that are longer than a facebook status or a clothing item description. Let me begin by rambling about my recent development of OMF I have a website. I have tons of new items to update on my store page and future items to be photographed and possibly a shifty carousel to be made before spring.


I just vended my first comic book convention , where I vended next to the amazing Peter Beagle; the man who wrote The Last Unicorn!! He is a gentleman and a bad ass and I am better for having met him. Go get his new graphic novel it's gorgeous and full of brilliant artwork.


So betwixt  full time working at a coffee shop, colorful social life, and tireless custom workery, I be a weary shifty with pockets full of lace and whispers. My next vending experience is on the 21st of this month at the Uptown; the event is called HUDU


Link: .


Thanks for maybe reading this and realizing I should make things instead of write blog posts. 

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